Such are the lessons of life, coded in nature and time, waiting to be decoded through a readiness to experience, unlearn, relearn, and rediscover.

Photo credit: Nashon Adero, June 2019.

The rules of scoring goals in life can vary from simple counts, quality, and on to the grace of style, further graduated along personalised timescales.


Key Highlights

§ It has become a global urgency to calibrate COVID-19 containment policies in informed ways that can avoid long-term economic recession from over-protection or eventually explosive health risks due to over-relaxation and pandemic fatigue.

§ To avoid falling below or exceeding the optimal standards needed to strike a healthy balance…

Finally, Hope on the Horizon

On a day when Kenya received the first batch of 1.025 million doses of COVID-19 AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine under the global COVAX initiative, just after Ghana, this IBD multiscale modelling series takes you down memory lane and shares fresh perspectives on the manner and meaning of the COVID-19 curves it has…

The plane-mirror view throws a virtual image of bygone headwaters of COVID-19 in Africa, but the real image downstream could turn out to be different especially if we peek at the sorry state of basic schools in deprived environments.

Education Sector Management as a Mirror of Leadership

COVID-19 has dealt the education sector a major blow, a complex…

The honourable mentions are now out as well. As predicted here ( - that men needed to celebrate if they made up 25% of the total, it is the ladies, who being expressive, commanded the lead again. The main geography of the winners (America) also shows where the winning chances were concentrated. Keep writing.

Is it possible that what you once valued as a friendly companion may turn out to be a wolf you should have learnt to avoid or outrun?

Finding it hard to part ways with old and fruitless company?

October ushers in a month of pleasant surprises. New Nobel laureates are part of this unending surprise. …

Nashon J. Adero

A geospatial and systems modelling expert, lecturer, youth mentor and trained policy analyst, who applies system dynamics to model complex adaptive systems.

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